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Rungu Juggernaut Trike

Posted April 1, 2014 by aytekin in Uncategorized

Designed by Rungu, Juggernaut is probably the “toughest” bike you have ever seen. Designed to tackle the worst snowy or sandy terrain, Rungu  features two front 26-inch wheels and one in the back. With 4.7-inch tires this monster will tackle all difficult terrains.

While its aluminum frame and extended wheelbase offers better weight distribution, this trike further features hydraulic breaks that work well in any weather. Low available gearing helps you chug along smoothly over snowy hill, dunes, and cruise the beaches.

Rungu Juggernaut Trike is priced at 2,500 $.

rungu-juggernaut-2 rungu-juggernaut-3